Tuesday, 21 October 2008




Ahmed.K.A said...

شرايك تطبعهم و تعلقهم يم لوحات بيكاسو .. ؟؟

إثنينهم ما يفهم مغزاهم إلا اللي رسمهم ..

Ibn-Seena said...

you have a lack of art and knowledge bro..

Anonymous said...

ليش ما تخلون نجرتكم بينهم دام انكم عيال عم اولا ومرمتين مع بعض ثانيا ..!

Ahmed.K.A said...

u mean the knowledge of weird arts .. ya im do lack that ..

Ibn-Seena said...

well appears clearly from your photo that u only know aboriginals arts like this:

any other foolish comment from u will be deleted..

go play in "montada al Rothwan" not here..

Ibn-Seena said...

or check this:


Ahmed.K.A said...

montada el rothwan is closed ..

meno yab 6ary el aboriginals .. ?

5oo el rasma 9ej mo mafhoma ..

rasmat el paradise af6'al ..

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